Join us in Baltimore to Experience the World

Welcome to JHUMUNC XXV


• A Message from the Secretaries-General of Session XXV •

Dear Honorable Delegates, Advisors, and Guests,

Greetings from Charm City!  After a long and difficult year, we are so excited to welcome everyone back to Baltimore in February.  Although we are extremely saddened by the cancellation of this past year’s conference, we feel like it was the right decision, as we hold ourselves to a high standard that we did not feel we were meeting.  With that being said, we could not be more excited to launch forward into this new beginning.  As Secretaries-General, we plan to learn from the mistakes and failures of this past year and propel JHUMUNC forward to provide an even better conference experience to delegates and advisors than we ever have before.  With new exciting committees and a fully-dedicated and eager staff, we are prepared to emerge from the fog of the past eighteen months and welcome everyone back to Baltimore in February.

Through enthralling debate with fellow delegates and guest speakers, we hope to ignite the passion of a new generation of global leaders prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, all while having an unforgettable weekend filled with JHUMUNC programming and exploration of our beautiful and charming Baltimore City!  Take some time to explore our website and discover the many things JHUMUNC has to offer and learn more about registering for our conference.  We can’t wait to see you in February!




Kevin LaMonica

Mario Aguirre