Session XXIII

February 6, 2020 - February 9, 2020

Note: JHUMUNC is a conference reserved for high school students. No students currently enrolled in university or college may attend.

Registration Instructions

Thank you for your interest in JHUMUNC 2020! Registration for JHUMUNC 2020 is currently open.

Please read the following steps carefully in order to facilitate the registration process.

1. Create an account: Please fill out the fields below. You will use the username and password you create whenever accessing your account. When creating your account, your username must be the name of your school. By virtue of creating an account, you agree to comply with the Conference Policies. Upon hitting the “Register Now” button, you will be sent to the Preferences page.

2. Input contact information and number of participants: Fill out the Preferences page, which requires you to provide JHUMUNC with general contact information, as well the number of advisors and delegates your delegation plans on sending to JHUMUNC. To increase or decrease the number of advisors or delegates, please contact the Undersecretary-General of School Relations at Please refer to the “Fees and Payment Policies” section of the website for the JHUMUNC Refund Policy. By registering, you are acknowledging that you understand the payment policies delineated on the “Fees and Payment Policies” page.

3. Indicate country and committee preferences: Next, you will need to select your top 5 country choices through drop down menus. Finally, please indicate which committees you are interested in using the options that appear on your screen. Click the “Register Now” button to complete your registration. This will generate a button on the top right with your username. Click this button to access your account.

4. Viewing country and committee assignments. Fifteen business days after your respective registration payment period has closed, you will receive an e-mail informing you that country and committee assignments have been made. If registering under the late registration period, your assignments will be issued on a rolling basis. To view your assignments, log in to your account and the assignments will be listed under the Assignments section. Please note, the country assignments will not be made until payment is received.

Uploading Participant Waivers

The JHUMUNC 2020 Participant Waiver contains three parts: Part I outlines JHUMUNC policies that are enforced at the conference; Part II is the JHUMUNC Liability Release Form that must be completed by both student delegates and advisors and signed by a parent or guardian of every student delegate, irrespective of their age; Part III is the JHUMUNC Media Release Form, which must be signed by all individuals in attendance, or the parent/guardian of any student delegate under 18 years of age.

Delegates without a complete Participant Waiver will not be permitted to participate in conference proceedings. Advisors with an incomplete Participant Waiver will not be able to collect their school’s conference materials at the time of check-in.

Please fill out the Waiver Spreadsheet with the required information for advisors, delegates, and chaperones. For the parent section, please only fill that out for delegates. please email the sheet to  by January 15th, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

Waivers will be sent via DocuSign to advisors, chaperones, and the parent or guardian of each delegate. All participant waivers are due on January 31st, 2020 at 11:59 PM .

Where to find waiver forms: Waiver forms will be sent out to you and delegates’ parent or guardian once we receive the waiver spreadsheet from you.

How to upload waiver forms: There is no need to upload this year! As long as you fill out the DocuSign form sent to you all of the information will be electronically recorded and sent to us.

Uploading Position Papers

Please read the following steps carefully in order to facilitate the upload process.

1. Position Paper Requirements. All position papers should have the delegate’s name, position, committee, and school name listed at the top of the paper. Papers must be submitted in Word or PDF format.

2. Accessing the Position Paper PortalAll position papers must be uploaded through your account. Please log in to your account and scroll to the bottom to see the position paper portal.

3. Uploading the Position Paper. Select the committee from the drop down menu. Enter the delegate’s name. Click “Upload File” to select the file. Click “Upload” to submit the paper.

Please contact the JHUMUNC Registration team at if you have any questions or concerns.

Position Assignments

Fifteen business days after your respective registration payment period has closed, you will receive your country and committee assignments. If registering under the late registration period, your assignments will be issued on a rolling basis. Please login to your account to view your assignments. To assign a position to a delegate, please enter the delegate’s name next to the corresponding assignment and click “Assign”. Please remember that all positions are for single delegates. JHUMUNC does not allow double delegations.

Registration Fees

Date Registration Fee Delegate Fee Advisor Fee
Early Registration September 8, 2019 65 65 0
Regular Registration November 17, 2019 80 75 0
Late Registration January 13, 2020 100 90 0
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Country Prorities

General Info

Country Priorities


Congratulations! Registration Completed

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You can upload position papers on Your Account page.